On this page you will find the books that I have written over the years through which I pursue my greatest goal: to make known and to promote the importance of technique, performance, subacquateness and safety from the earliest age. Furthermore, how to improve your health starting from the Breath and how to manage stress through the four thematic areas that distinguish me.



The method to permanently abandon anxiety, tension and fatigue.

Foreword by: Filippo Ongaro – 1st ed. Italian Vallardi: June 2020

The consequences of chronic stress on health are known: damage to the immune system, hypertension, infertility, depression. To combat it, more and more experts agree on the benefits of a gentle, non-pharmacological approach. One of the most powerful tools to activate our self-healing ability is also the most underrated: the breath.

The book is based on 4 WELLNESS AREAS that are the basis of Maric’s method:

  • BREATHNESS, breath management to regain our strength
  • MINDNESS, mental work as a regeneration practice
  • FOODNESS, the correct friendly nutrition of body and mind
  • BEWATERNESS, physical activity, in water and on land

I will donate part of the proceeds from the sales of this book to scientific research on respiratory diseases.


Foreword by:
Marco Bianchi
Vallardi – 1st ed. Italian
October 2017

Stress, Panic Attacks, Weight Problems? Breathe, you have to do more to get started better! Page after page, Mike immerses himself in a world not yet explored by the general public, offering reflection tips and practical tips that will enhance the quality of our lives in every respect. Usually we use only 50% of the respiratory potential, so learning to breathe well means improving our health, making a fundamental step in achieving psycho-physical well-being, fatigue, stress and emotional management. From sports to play, from sex to work, every performance can improve by practicing these precious secretions on breathing. Federica Pellegrini’s coach, Igor Cassina and Filippo Magnini, are ready to train!

From October 2018 the book is also available in the Chinese version.

BREASTSTROKE: the full style

Foreword by:
DomenicoFioravanti and Umberto Pelizzari
Magenes – 1st ed. Italian
April 2015

The breaststroke is a style that needs a perfectly executed movement seeking the “excellence”, analyzing the problems of each individual athlete, decomposing the movement and considering the different variables. The aim of this guide, that is made of 10 chapters and 130 colour pictures, is to outline a logical path of training. Through the analysis of the athletic movement, first on the surface and then underwater, highlighting similarities and differences, it provides all the information and inspiration to improve. A work carried out with a team of specialists: an athletic trainer, a physical therapist, a swimming coach, a biomechanics expert, a mental coach, all with the ultimate goal to develop a method of approach, as well as training, which would allow the athletes to achieve their goals. The ultimate goal is the search for “clean” motion, technically sound, with excellent efficacy and efficiency, for the maximum improvement that can be achieved.


Preface by:
Federica Pellegrini and Umberto Pelizzari
Magenes – 1st ed.:
November 2014

Unique in its kind, this book contains every single thing that relates to the world of “water”, offering a complete overview of all possible experiences that a parent can encounter in the water with a child. Co-author with Mike Maric, is Ilaria Bonin (apnea instructor). It mainly deals with the way in which this liquid element can make both kids and parents grow, with the advice of great sport champions and professional experts in the field. Starting from the life of homo delfinus in the womb, to the fascinating infant massage, or even the extraordinary techniques of Watsu® for children, and passing through the principles of aquatic life, the secrets of the great champions of water sports are revealed. Of course, the wonderful sub-aquatic world is present, and we can dive in the sea with safety projects dedicated to children and teenagers. Finally, some suggestions for parents and some practical medical advice, all accompanied by greatdidactic tables.


Preface by:
Umberto Pelizzari and Roberto Chiozzotto
Magenes – 1st ed.:
February 2012

The first book by Mike Maric (co-authors Valter Mazzei and Stefano Figini). Finally, the first and only book dedicated to the use of the monofin, this particular tool that makes us swim like a dolphin. The teaching method – Swim Like a Dolphin – is the free body preparation with the fins, and finally with the monofin to improve the “dolphin kick”. Unique in the world, this book is aimed at swimmers, finswimmers and freedivers, with the aim of improving swimming techniques in the different disciplines through the use of the monofin itself. With over 200 color photos, the many years of experience of the three authors are collected in this book.

From May 2019 the book is also available in the German version.




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