Mike’s philosophy

Never stop dreaming, because “if you can dream it, you can do it”, so remember to never give up and always try the impossible to make it possible.

Mike’s values

Honesty, intelligence, love, coherence, dignity, optimism, patience, perseverance, humility, generosity.

Mike’s themes

Dreams, goals, limitations, fear, success, failure, the team, the leadership are some of the themes that emerge from the stories of his experiences..
In his lectures, through filmed images about his diving records, about dolphins, sharks and more, Mike talks of his way of doing apnea, of “living the water”, of training athletes and his approach to life. Through his stories, matured in twenty years of experience, the values ​​and themes of his life emerge.
Motivation, commitment, dedication and passion are concepts that are important to us, as companies and in life, but they are put to the test everyday by the current difficulties and unknowns.
What’s the common trait, and what inspiration can business managers, sales agents, and each one of us, draw from Mike’s vast experience, of his twenty extremely satisfying years made of sacrifices, courage, dedication and perseverance?
Everyone of Mike’s conferences is uniquely personalised according to the objectives and requirements  needed.
  • Coaching head and heart
    When you embark on a journey, each result depends on your passion, on the real motivation and on intelligent perseverance.
  • The Team: sharing and organising
    A goal is reached when it is shared: the quality of the group relies on the talent of the individual to grow strong.
  • The leader and leadership
    Do not look for excuses, do not look for the culprit, but “take your responsibilities”. It’s the little things that make big differences.
  • The challenge: fear of the dark, fear of failure
    The difference is there for those who dare.