Evening dedicated to all those who wish to improve their lifestyle through a healthy and correct breathing, learning to understand each other and to improve oneself starting from the management of the breath. From a career woman to a sports enthusiast, from the university student to the new mother, everyone needs to know how to breathe consciously.

Thursday 3 May 2018 – 9pm

Sala Maiorca, Y-40® The Deep Joy
the deepest pool in the world, the only one with thermal water, in Abano Montegrotto Terme – Padua.

Admission: € 15 per person

The evening will end in a sweet way demonstrating how the pursuit of well-being is not only possible through a correct practice of breathing, but also by means of healthy nutrition and hydration.
Therefore, the show-drinking of Tisana del Buon Respiro will take place, conceived with Marco Bianchi in the Water Menu that the Bianchi-Maric couple has created for water enthusiasts who frequent the deepest pool in the world.