Mike Maric is hosted by a workshop dedicated to NLP, Sports, Motivation and Team Management, held by Riccardo Montanari, one of the most renowned PNL and Coaching experts at the international level.

The seminar held by Riccardo aims to:

  • Create a Success Team or a Trainer / Athlete / Team winning report.
  • Helping people and yourself overcome the performance.
  • Finding or re-finding the resources to keep up your sporting performance.
  • Identify the excuses we give and prevent us from achieving the results we want.
  • Use the appropriate language to motivate and motivate.
  • Know how to use Sponsorship when it comes to giving confidence and belonging to an athlete.
  • Identify your own and other thinking patterns that can limit sport performance and change them.
  • Share your winning strategies with your team.

Within this two days, Mike will devote a whole theoretical and practical session to develop the following points:

  • Stress management
  • The motivation
  • Justification
  • Leader and Leadership
  • Team and Sharing

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