Breathing is the first physiological requirement for survival, and today also the most underrated. For this reason, I dedicate myself to better your awareness of your own breath, teaching you the medical and scientific basis for a correct and functional breathing.

The unknown diaphragm

The diaphragm is the main muscle of respiration, but do you know where it is and how it really works? Let’s, then, dispel some myths, and get to know ourselves better. Did you know that the diaphragm is used less than 40% of its capacity? Did you know that on average we have about 5 lt. of air and only use 1/8?

With one to one lessons, meetings and workshops, I address:

  • Children
    Playing games teaches us about our breath and our body
  • Pregnant women
    How to undergo childbirth better through breathing
  • Managers
    Big responsibilities lead to high levels of stress that you can have control of through your breath
  • Breathing leads to an improvement of the basal parameters, improving the “self-talking”
  • Smokers
    How to detoxify and learn to reuse your lungs
  • Amateur athletes and / or Pro athletes
    To improve performances using your breathing correctly: from warm-up to recovery management.

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