Workshop con Mike Maric
Y-40 Montegrotto terme

Sunday September, 6 – 2019
Theory and personal evaluation
12.30 Break
 Water Static and deep water Apnea
15.00Post-dive analysis

16.30 Conclusions and delivery of certificates

Cost: € 120

THEORY: 3 hours
    • the 6 keys of the performance
    • how to plan a season (general guidelines)
    • personal evaluation of the athlete / student: physical aspects, metabolic and skeletal parameters
    • personal assessment of lung health: picometer and pulse oximeter (medical instruments providing baseline indications)
    • BIA (Bioimpedenzometry) applied personally for the assessment of fat / muscle mass / hydration etc
    • degree of mobility for functional evaluation of ankles / pelvis / shoulders
WATER IN Y-40®: 1 hour and a half
  • static session with suggestions on applied breathing techniques
  • depth session with suggestions on descent and compensation techniques
POST DIVE ANALYSIS: 1 hour and a half
  • revaluation
  • suggestions on problems encountered in the water
  • tips on dry problems (mobility)
  • Advice on how to start the season